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The industry veteran spends most of his time developing youth programs, event series and over the years became a well-versed political voice in Snowboarding. The current president of the WSF provides his insightful opinions on what Snowboarding has to offer to young people, the future of the World Rookie Tour and what is on the map for WSF next season.


Q: When you started to snowboard compared to know, what are the most significant changes in the communities and events?

Meinhard Trojer:

Everything got a lot more professional. The level got a lot higher and the riders get younger and younger.
Another important change is the communication. The possibilities have changed massively for riders, industry, events, etc.
Snowboarding developed from a not wanted youth, core movement into an accepted professional sport. I am not always sure if that is a good development ;-)


Q: You have seen hundreds of Groms grow to Rookie Riders and become Champions, what strikes you as the most important attributions a young shredder should have to realize his dreams?


Besides the physical skills, they need good communication skills and strong mental skills.
What we try to give them as well on the World Rookie Tour is behavior and social skills. We do not only want good athletes we want to see them emerging as good people.


Q: Is it harder nowadays for a Pro to stay on top of her or his game?


Definitely yes! The Sponsor market declined in the last few years and the level of snowboarding riced extremely. The kids get younger and younger and the tricks more extreme.


Q: What is the role of the industry brands, resorts and other stakeholders in the future of snowboarding?


A big one. Without the help of brands, resorts, etc. it´s not possible to do an event. As well the riders need the support of the stakeholders more than ever before. Snowboarding is an expensive sport.
In addition, they are very important for the communication and presentation of our sport.
The resorts have a main role in providing the infrastructure – without a Halfpipe there is no halfpipe riding, etc.


Q: The World Rookie Tour already exists for a decade, what is your plan for the future of WRT?


To go on another 10 years and let it grow more. Now we are specially working on new events in Asia and USA. At the moment the World Rookie Tour is mainly a Slope Style Tour. We want to focus more on Half Pipe as well in the future.


Q: WSF stands out as the sole non-profit organization to develop snowboarding on all levels, what are some of the highlights in your program for the coming winter season?


As we are talking about already for sure the World Rookie Tour. However, we have as well other projects, which are important for us. For example the World Banked Slalom Tour – which is mainly a project to bring more people on the mountain and enjoy snowboarding together. So focused more on fun than on the athletic point.
Another very promising project is our Women project. Lead by Miriam Deller we try to create more women only events and programs.


Q: Where do you like to go snowboarding when you are not working?


I really love my home resort Goldried. It´s a very small resort but with great powder opportunities. In general, we are lucky in Austria with resorts. I like as well the Seegrube in Innsbruck, Westendorf or Kühtai but there are many more resorts, which I like to go as well.


Q: Where would you like to go ride where you have not been yet?





Thanks to Meini, and we are already looking forward to the upcoming winter season!

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