Alpitec China 2016
International Tradeshow for Mountain and Winter Technologies
together with 
International Tradeshow for Brands in Sports, Fashion, and Lifestyle in Asia

Beijing, 24  – 27 February 2016

Alpitec China

China's sporting industry is invigorated by the Olympic spirit

Alpitec China, the only B2B meeting place in China for the mountain and winter technologies sector together with ISPO BEIJING, the tradeshow organized by the Munich International Trade Fairs centering on sports, fashion, and lifestyle in Asia, already has its sights set firmly on the Olympics.

Record numbers of both visitors and exhibitors for Alpitec China together with ISPO Beijing: 38,600 visitors made their way to Asia's leading multi-segment trade fair, which was held between February 24–27 in the China National Convention Center (CNCC) in Beijing. This equates to an increase of 29% compared to last year (2015: 29,948). There were more exhibitors at this year's Alpitec China too, with 40% space increase compared to last year.


“The spirit of optimism of the Chinese winter sports industry was palpable in this year's edition of Alpitec China in view of the Olympic Winter Olympics in 2022 in Peking. Beijing ISPO for the equipment in the winter sports and Alpitec China for infrastructures in the winter sports area are complementary and uniquely positioned in the Asian-Pacific area”, claims Thomas Mur, Managing Director of Fiera Bolzano.

The events program, which addressed the key topics of the future, proved incredibly popular. The Winter Olympic Games, the Chinese ski industry, and the infrastructure of ski resorts also featured on the agenda of the Asia Pacific Snow Conference (APSC), with 260 participants. Having taken a close look at the Chinese ski industry, ski operative Bin Wu has presented his findings in his White Book, the first publication of its kind to report on the skiing industry in China, one of the highlights of the APSC.


The four day event showcased key innovations from the fields of ropeway systems and ski lifts, conveyors, cable manufacturer and maintenance equipment and snowmaking equipment, but also vehicles and equipment for ski slope grooming and trail maintenance, machinery and equipment for safety, rescue, and protection in mountain areas, ticketing and admission control systems and ski resort design, planning and architecture, ski resort and real estate investment consulting.

Emanuel Wohlfarter CEO of the company Sunkid expressed the same opinion: “The potential is very good, and despite no direct sales at the trade fair, the leads and contacts that are on the table are very interesting. Around 30 contacts were accumulated over the course of Alpitec, the flow of people slowed down on the third day. 2022 bears great potential, we are looking forward to developing our business in China in the years to come”.  

Yanh Li, General Manager of Doppelmayer: “A consistent, gradual increase in our business is good. Generally speaking, the expectations are high, and as there is more room for leisure activities, the market will grow. 2022 marks a great out-look, and with the support of the government, 300 Million people are supposed to enjoy sports and play on ice and snow. In China the work scale is usually bigger, where normally one lift is built per resort, we install multiple ropeways”.

Liu Ya, 刘亚, Assistant to the General Manager from Ski Yahao: “This was our third year at Alpitec and we are very happy with the increase of our business. The growth we see due to a general spur in the wake of the announcement of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics is based on more companies and distributors joining the market. We have 3000 instructors in resorts and can expect to increase this number according to higher demand in the next years”.

The next edition of Alpitec China togheter with ISPO Beijing will take place from 15th to 18th Febraury 2017 at the China National Convention Center (CNCC) in Beijing.

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