KLine Himalayan Adventures Taps Chinas Most Popular Snowboarder To Headline Camps Targeting Mainland Chinese Riders

Hongkong based travel specialist KLine teams up with Wang Lei  to boost their presence on the China market. Known for top service and a long track record of perfectly organized camps, it was a simple decision for both to collaborate.

Read more about Wang Lei’s thoughts on getting Chinese shredders to more “off the beaten path” destinations with KLine:


During his longstanding career in snowboarding, Wang Lei carved out a specific preference for backcountry and powder freeriding.

Fairly new to this facet of snowboarding in the early 2000s, Europe and Japan became his primary playgrounds to develop this skill set. Annual adventure travels led him to Western China. At the cradle of ski sport in Asia, near Kanas and Altay, he was able to refine his pow riding technique.

New Zealand provided a proper backdrop to gain official training as certified instructor. For Wang Lei, key factors for a successful day riding pow all play together: the gear you picked, the crew you ride with, the weather conditions and of course the white gold you are after!


Nothing comes close to a day experiencing total freedom in pristine mountain terrain. Riding powder snow in backcountry terrain always makes a bag full of memories to cherish.

Wang Lei puts safety first and fun next. His ability of putting everyone at ease and leveling everyone’s riding abilities is unique. When you understand it is about putting your skills to the test in a breathtaking surrounding, you know something that is hard to match is happening. Once tried and tested, you will always want to go back for more: Fresh powder snowboarding with friends, where the experience becomes part of something bigger.

Booking and inquries about KLine x Wang Lei 2016/17: www.goski.cn