Get to know the most interesting, current and tech savvy Chinese winter sports media that undoubtedly will play an influential role in domestic coverage of the run up to the Beijing Games and beyond.

The CHINA INTRO TO 2022 series is a five part “Who / What / Where / How” introduction to the tightly knit Chinese winter sports industry with a focus on snowboarding.

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GoSki APP   去滑雪 APP

GoSki APP has been in operation since 2015 and it’s intuitive and well designed application interface has found much praise. GoSki APP is the top digital news exchange, social and video platform with a healthy 500.000 user base. Their major focus is snowboarding followed by all things ski.

GoSki‘s forte is their broad yet core reach, and they know how to keep their users interested and busy. Exclusive videos and instruction tips are the content that is most valued by its community.

„Communication tends to be carried out on the internet, therefore it is fragmented. WeChat is gaining popularity and traditional media receive less and less attention.“ comments GoSki‘s CEO Lai Gang on the differences of digital publishing in China vs Europe or the US.

Website:    WeChat: goski   Weibo: goski去滑雪




On the cover: Wang Lei 

Since 2013 Session China is published as independent Snowboard Magazine boasting bilingual content in Chinese and English. Session China understands their core audience well and caters to a majority of people who are beginners in practicing the sport.

Session China produces special issues and posts its most recent news on WeChat. Trick tips and learning English are cited as most interesting contents for their 2000 core readers. This is a publication and news channel integral in supporting further building China‘s snowboarding culture.

Website:   WeChat: sessionchina




China‘s sole print publication covering snowboarding and skiing is on the market since 2003 and currently distributes 50.000 copies per month. Terje Haakonsen‘s memorable cover and other snowboard focused issues have left lasting impressions on the development in China‘s snowsports publishing world.

Subscribers, newsstands and selected outlets receive new magazines on the 15th of each month, their most valued content are product reviews and destination introductions and of course industry chatter.

Website:   WeChat: Elite Ski League, SKI, CSSF Ski League   Weibo: Elite Ski League, SKI magazine



High Snow   滑雪族

High Snow‘s ongoing efforts in keeping their 120.000 strong domestic and international fanbase attention have created a loyal audience for this unique digital media outlet since its founding in 2014. Fresh content is published five times per week to riders and skiers alike, and High Snow has a strong track record in engaging their readers.

Educational content and gear reviews are most valued. Via their public WeChat account, arguably with China‘s largest following, High Snow covers more comprehensive content about snowboarding and skiing.

Website:   Weibo: huaxuezu   WeChat: huaxuezoo


This series has been developed with the support of the China SNOWboard Association, special thanks to the CSbA President and China’s Pioneer of Snowboarding Wang Lei.