50 PEAKS Season 2 has been finalised last spring and launched in China this September at the Norway Innovation Forum at the Four Season’s Beijing and at World Winter Sports Expo Beijing.

The Norwegian Narvikfjellet Resort stuns with footage from the Arctic Circle, featuring breathtaking mountain-to-ocean sceneries, a peek of the Green Dragon aka the Northern Lights and encounters with wildlife from elk to reindeer and even close up’s with a Wolfpack. 

The host, China’s Pioneer of Snowboarding Wang Lei, guides the viewer through a kaleidoscope of moments reaching from a speedy dogsled ride with a local guide, or an evening of tastings from local produce and fresh caught seafood. You can almost taste the fresh urchins, cracked open on the shore just minutes after being brought to land!

JP Solberg, one of Norway’s snowboarding icons makes a revered guest appearance and talks about his amazing career during snowboarding’s global rise during the 1990ies and early 2000s.

All in all, Narvik is spot on and leaves everyone wanting more, ready to explore the beautiful rugged Northern Stomping grounds of winter sports enthusiasts.


Another tour to Switzerland brought 50 PEAKS to the epic Jungfrau region in Switzerland. 
Think sky high mountains, the dreamiest fairy-tale like peaks, covered in the plushest of snow, top terrain facilities, gourmet food and the finest Swiss hospitality.

Swiss Halfpipe Olympian and Snowboarding Legend Gian Simmen takes center stage, discussing his home turf, his passion and lets the viewer in on the local ways. Jungfrau doesn’t disappoint - it  simply is heaven for every skier and snowboarder.

50 PEAKS delivers through and through and immerses the audience deeply into the destination, the traditions. Tastes and people become visible beyond the sheer spectacular natural sceneries that take your breath away. 

Masterly produced by P.M. Studio, GoSki.cn brings the ultimate travelogues to screens in China and beyond. 50 PEAKS is an ongoing project by Token Consulting, GoSki.cn and P.M. Studio featuring China’s most influential Snowboarder Wang Lei as host of the world’s best winter resorts and skid dream destinations!