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Industry Insider: Eddie Chu, Marketing Manager Greater China at GoPro

Catching up with Eddie Chu for a brief Q&A to take the pulse of where GoPro aligns itself in the core wintersports market in China. The Marketing Man at the front of GoPro’s operations in China is originally from Taiwan and joined GoPro end of 2014. He credits the company’s culture of ‘Work Hard, Play Hard” as best thing to work for the tech and media giant. Chu already tested the slopes of Nanshan, and aims to ride in Changbaishan the coming season.


Q: What sets GoPro apart from its growing competition?

A: We are not just an electronics company, our founder is also an avid user who always think about how to make a better product from a user’s point of view.


Q: GoPro made a huge splash with its VR content end of last year, please tell us more about what is new in the VR department and what the consumers can expect.

A: We are launching a complete solution to enable people to film VR content, rig, camera, stitching software and a player.


Q: Do the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics play a significant role in your planning for the next few years?

A: Yes, it shows snow sports will receive attention and investment, which allow us to market and grow along with snow sports.


Q: In Snowsports, where does GoPro see the biggest potential? And overall action sports?

A: As the middle class grow, snow sports will also grow. GoPro has the opportunity to enable people to capture and share they most precious moment on snow.


Q: What is the best selling product in China and what does it say about its consumer base?

A: The HERO4 Silver, people still feel more comfortable seeing what they are capturing.


Q: What global market developments do you observe that trigger local trends?

A: Social media and the ability to share content with people around the globe.


Q: What is your all-time favourite GoPro video or photo and why?

A: Woodman Pool Party. It shows the camera is not just an extreme sports device, but a lifestyle device.


“The snowboarding community in North America an Europe was quick to embrace GoPro from its inception, and we expect that, with our recent entry into the China market, the snowboarding community in China will also be among our early adopters for GoPro  following the trend from North America and Europe. Our hope is to inspire a wider audience to use GoPro to capture and share their passions in life through the example of the snowboarding culture and other niche communities of passion addicts.” says Tor Peterson, Managing Director Sales Greater China.